Konan Boys’ High School




Our school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology to provide the most modern atmosphere for students. All classrooms are equipped with multi-compatible A/V equipment allowing teachers to include technology creatively and effectively in their lessons. Students are also equipped with their personal digital devices, to use in classes, to heighten their learning experience.

At our school we use a variety of programs and applications to enhance communication between students and teachers, to provide a wide range of study options for students, as well as to promote file sharing and organization in a digital manner to create a more paperless environment.

Some of the apps and programs most used are:

Communicative / File-sharing & Organization Math and Programming
- Classi - Feelnote - Grapes (graphs) - Minecraft
- MetaMoji Classroom - Flipgrid - Scratch
English Education Others
- Xreading - Office 365 - Quizizz
- Oxford University Press and National Geographic digital textbooks and workbooks - Kahoot! - Quizlet
- Surara (すらら) – Japanese to English Drills - iMovie - Zoom