Konan Boys’ High School




At Konan, students have the option of developing their academic abilities in one of two courses — Frontrunner or Advanced.

The Frontrunner Course provides students with an in-depth exploration of subject matter, from an early stage, in order to stimulate them to a higher-level of study and achievement. In grades 11 and 12, classes focus on college preparation for entry into the finest universities in Japan through the national testing system, The Common Test.

The Advanced Course offers a wide range of academic study options with a strong, yet balanced focus on sports development and achievement through our various club activities. Within this course, students also have the option to enter the Global Studies Program, which is designed for those who wish to have a more global perspective, as well as a desire to study abroad and apply to foreign universities.

In our curricular framework, our 6-year education is divided into three stages: Foundation (Stage 1), Intermediate (Stage 2), and Advanced (Stage 3). In both courses, we offer unique education programs to develop students’ academic interests, their personal characters, and their needs for successful future careers.