Konan Boys’ High School




Konan Boys’ High School is a private boys’ day school serving approximately 1,100 students in grades seven through twelve. Students develop intellectual curiosity, independence, creativity, a sense of responsibility, and consideration for others through a broad range of learning environments. Konan boys strive to become “true gentlemen”: kind-hearted and mindful while maintaining a strength of core values and determination. They have a deep pride for their school and always strive to do their best while pursuing their individual interests. In 2014, Konan redeveloped its curriculum and divided it into two courses—Frontrunner and Advanced—from Grade 7. Through these two academic level courses, students are offered the opportunity to choose either “science” or “humanities” studies with a Global stream offered in the Advanced course from Grade 9. Our goal is to better prepare students for a globalized workforce in medicine, business, or politics.

Our Founder
Hachisaburo Hirao

Hachisaburo Hirao, founder of Konan Boys’ High School, was a major business leader who contributed to the modernization of Japanese business practices. While working for the Tokio Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., he turned his passion and energies toward improving the educational standards in Japan. In 1919, he founded Konan Boys’ High School based on the ideals of character building, physical fitness, and respect for individuals. Later, he also served, for a time, as Minister of Education, making a significant contribution to the modernization of Japan's educational system. His passion and spirit have been handed down to Konan teachers, students and graduates.

Our School Mission

Konan pursues its mission to develop “gentlemen with the potential to serve, and be successful, in every field.” To accomplish this mission, we challenge each student to develop a high sense of virtue, physical strength, and engaged intellect to the best of their abilities. Students are encouraged to develop a humanistic view alongside a spirit of independence, giving top priority to character building. Konan is committed to helping students expand their knowledge and acquire skills that will serve them well throughout their lifetime.
After graduation, Konan students proceed to university—including some of the best in Japan, as well as abroad—and go on to play leading roles in local and global societies. Consequently, Konan has a long history of producing leaders, especially in the world of business.


Konan Boys’ High School is located in Ashiya, a well-known residential area between Osaka and Kobe. It is easily accessible by public transport, and only 20 minutes away from central Kobe and Osaka. The campus is characterized by its abundant greenery and beautifully designed buildings, conceptualized by the well-renowned artist and alumni, Kumi Sugai. Recently, our gymnasium and cafeteria have been redeveloped to include state-of-the-art facilities.