Konan Boys’ High School




Frontrunner Course

This course is intended for students who will proceed to prestigious national universities and prepares them for a future career in the fields of humanities, science, and medicine. The course provides intensive study in Japanese, social studies, mathematics, science, and English for the most competitive university entrance examination, the national Common Test. The course also offers the choice between two, once a week, special programs—Science Lab and Global Lab —as in-depth exploration modules to broaden students’ level of study in the discipline they choose.

Science Lab is a series of special science programs designed to provide students with the experience of performing high-level experiments, or attending workshops, in the fields of natural science, medicine and computer science.

Global Lab is a series of workshops, lectures, or out-of-school activities designed to familiarize students with cultural diversity and a variety of global issues.

Advanced Course

This course is intended for students who wish to academically explore their interests in the humanities, language and culture studies, social studies, fine arts, and global studies, while pursuing achievements in competitive sports. In this course, the focus is on developing well-rounded individuals in both academics and athletics. Students are encouraged to pursue their own interests, acquire knowledge, improve communicative skills, and develop a clear idea of how they can engage with a more globalized world.

For students who wish to acquire a more global-minded education, with heavy emphasis on English studies, a two-tier specialty stream is available from Grade 9 — the Global Foundation Program (Grades 9-10) and the Global Study Program (Grades 11-12). Through this stream, unique programs, workshops, and lectures, are designed to expand students’ views “from the classroom into the community, and then into the world” with a successful business mindset.