Konan Boys’ High School




Frontrunner Course

The Global Foundation Program:The Global Foundation Program is a unique feature of the Advanced Course. This program is designed for Grade 9-10 students interested in global studies and issues with the aspiration of becoming leaders in a globalized world, primarily in the fields of business and law. It focuses on global culture and history, Japanese and Western classic literature, English development and communication through lessons taught by native English speakers, and global experience acquired from various study abroad programs. Students not only improve their English language skills, but also become acquainted with cultural diversity and global issues through experiences in class, off campus, and around the world.

The Global Study Program: The aim of the Global Study Program is to produce future leaders who will play an active role in making the world better. In this program, students not only enhance their English fluency, but explore the diversity that exists in the world. This two-year program consists of three stages— Preparation (Stage 1, 9 months), Study Abroad (Stage 2, 3 months – 1 year), and Academic Development (Stage 3, 6-9 months). In Stage 1, students acquire the language skills and knowledge that will be necessary for their experiences overseas. In Stage 2, they study at a language school or a local high school in Canada, the USA, the UK, New Zealand or other countries depending upon students’ language goals. Upon their return to Japan, students are pushed to achieve high academic goals in order to pursue university admission at top universities in Japan and abroad.

Study Abroad

Student exchanges are very popular at Konan Boys’ High School. We have sister school relationships with five schools in five different countries—the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. We provide four types of opportunities to study abroad—short-term stays, long-term stays, short trips to Asian capitals, and school club exchanges. We also host many international students from other countries. All students who enter the Global Study Course are expected to attend at least one short-term study abroad program and many students visit multiple countries over the course of their studies.

Student Exchange

Konan Boys’ High School is a strong advocate of internationalism and believes that the best basis for international understanding is personal relationships built early in a young adult’s life. To foster these types of relationships, Konan is pleased to host students from around the world via our sister schools. Having students from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the UK on our campus greatly increases the exposure our students get to new ideas and attitudes. In return, our sister schools are always eager to host Konan students for anywhere from a month to a year. For many Japanese and foreign students, these exchanges are life changing opportunities and result in benefits that last a lifetime.